The Music

The rich and unique musical heritage of the Jews of Spain is an important element in Jewish music as a whole. After the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, their cultural heritage traveled with them throughout the Mediterranean region. Along the way, their music was enriched by the local timbre they encountered.

The Ladino and Hebrew lyrics along with the melodies of Spanish Jews were transferred orally from generation to generation in the Diaspora and in Israel. Songs sung by women, prayers, romances and the poetry of the Golden Age all This are brought together to form the foundation from which the work of the Kol-Tof duo stems.

Kenan Ofri and Fried perform a dialogue between the multiple sources of each song. The use of voice and percussion instruments reminds us of the way this music once sounded - in the kitchen, around the home and during celebrations. It allows for creative freedom in their original compositions, arrangements, improvisations, and personal interpretations.