Camino En Mano

  1. En este mundo
  2. Este chiko nene
  3. I Durmete
  4. Bendir solo
  5. Si este ninio
  6. Un Lunes
  7. Bordjula
  8. Take the Crystal
  9. Camino en mano
  10. Los bilbilikos
  11. Ya nigun
  12. Lord, Do not Judge Me
  13. As a Servant longs
  14. En frente de mi balkon
  15. Ay ke buena   Listem to Sample
  16. La mujer de Terah  Listem to Sample
  17. Viva Orduena  Listem to Sample

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"...The whole, held together by Ofri's amazing voice, and by the percussion that rings it when appropriate, is quietly stunning. It is, as the booklet says, music as it once sounded, "in the kitchen, around the home, and during celebrations", and yet, at the same time, it is also music as it sounds best today. I'll repeat: stunning, haunting , and astonishingly beautiful."
"...Of the several interesting albums of traditional Sephardic music, this is the one that sticks in my ears and haunts. This is the one that stands out."

Ari Davidow, Klezmer Shack, 05/01/04

”...Kol Tof Duo always worth hearing. Singer/dancer/ choreographer Esti Kenan- Ofri is a very gentle, creative singer. Her work is strongly influenced by her study of Andalusian and Arabic singing and, with her dance back- ground, she is a pleasure to watch. As always, Oren Fried accompanied her on various percussive instruments, showing yet again his skill and versatility. They work very well together. Their set was smoothly executed, taking different versions of the same text through the traditions of different communities. The audience was attentive and showed their appreciation unreservedly. It's a healthy sign when a tradition can be interpreted in so many different ways, and remain intact.

Jill Rogoff, Folk Notes

“The singer, Esti Kenan Ofri, endowed with a particularly low contralto voice, is also a choreographer, a dancer and a percussionist. She devoted herself to the study of Sepharadi, Yemenite and Arab folklores, integrating their most subtle nuances in her interpretation. --- The drummer, Oren Fried, plays wide variety of ancient and sometimes exotic instruments, fusing the voice and choreography to form a sharp, enchanting union.”

Andre Hajdu, composer

“An unusual group – the musicians, the choice of material, the direct musical experiences, the delicate and precise balance combined with an artistic expression of the highest level, that escapes the trap of easy western solutions...
An extraordinary experience from every point of view...“

Dalia Cohen, Department of Musicology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem