The Artists

Esty Kenan Ofri

Esty Kenan Ofri is a composer and a performer of music and dance. Her work has been inspired by the diverse traditions of song and dance in Israel,and in particular by the Sepharadi-Jewish heritage. She has performed music written and arranged especially for her by composers Luciano Berio, Andrei Hajdu, Betty Olivero, Noam Sherif, Oded Zehavi, Piris Eliyahu, Netta Aloni, Mark Kopitman and Israel Borochov.

At present she works with the Arabo-Andalucian orchestra of Tangier, with Kol Oud Tof trio and with keyboard player Slava Ganelin.

Neighbor Tone: “Neighbor Tone”, released on Hed Artzi,1986
“Juego de Siempre”, Beth Hatefutsoth, 1992
Andre Hajdu:“Raglaim Smechot” the institue for integration
With Slava Ganelin:“On the Edge of a Dream”, Zuta, 1999
“Birds of Passage”, Leo Records 2003
With Betty Olivero: “Folk Songs”, Dischi Recordi 1988
With Piris Eliyahu: “Spirit of the East”, Magda, 2000
“Kol Oud Tof” trio, “Gazelle”, Magda, 2002


Oren Fried


Oren Fried is a drummer and percussionist who has worked with a wide range of ensembles and traditions from latin and jazz to traditional ethnic, his particular emphasis has been on the Jewish musical heritage ;Fried has been collaborating with Esty Kenan Ofri as the “Kol Tof” duo since 1992, and the “Kol Oud Tof” trio since 2001. He has also performed and recorded with artists Ilana Eliya, Mendy Kahan, Ofer Calaf and the “Abidin” ensemble.

Neighbor Tone: “Neighbor Tone”, released on Hed Artzi, 1986
Ilana Eliya: “Ilana Eliya”, MCI, 1996
Piris Eliyahu: “Spirit of the East”, 2000
Kol Oud Tof trio: “Gazelle”, Magda, 2002
"Abidin" with the Abidin music ensemble, 2004